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shabbat at temple sinai

Shabbat services are a highlight for our community.  Over the entrance to our sanctuary foyer are the words from Psalm 96: "Sing unto God: All the earth a new song." Our clergy create aesthetically beautiful services, and music is an organic component of our worship.

We are a singing congregation. Our monthly "Rhythm and Jews" Friday night service with a  professional combo on the bimah is an absolute favorite. Our more traditional Shabbat morning minyan is conducted weekly by the rabbi and chazzan. 

We embrace thought-provoking subjects and differences of opinion.  We don’t expect everyone to be of one mind about local, national and world events. Instead of avoiding these topics we create opportunities to discuss the values behind our positions and how Judaism can inform our thinking, putting great faith in the  promotion of civil discourse. 


Wed, December 8 2021 4 Tevet 5782