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What is a Chavurah? 

A Chavurah is a group of people who gather to form a community. The word "chavurah" comes from the Hebrew word "chaver", which means friend. In joining a Chavurah, one has the opportunity to develop life-long friendships with Temple Sinai congregants who have similar interests. 

What does a chavurah do?

What a Chavurah does is entirely up to its members. Each group decides on the activities -- some celebrate holidays together, some attend temple events; others prefer gathering for dinner or social activities, and some like to organize educational opportunities. Most Chavurot do some combination of all of these things. 

how often does a chavurah meet? 

This is up to each Chavurah. Some groups set a regular monthly or bi-monthly get-together. The activities take place in members' homes, at outside locations, temple events, or wherever the group would like to meet. 

how large is a typical chavurah? 

Each group varies in size. We recommend a minimum of 12 adults; however, there are no hard and fast rules about the size. Chavurot are formed for families and/or individuals. 

how do i join?

If you are interested in joining a Chavurah, please complete the application form. New Chavurot are formed regularly. You will be placed as soon as enough applications are received to form a new group, or when there is an opening in an existing Chavurah that fits your needs.

Feel free to contact Anita Bonnie Sussman or Beth Stone at with any questions.




Thu, May 19 2022 18 Iyar 5782