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Dear Temple Sinai Family,

The Jewish value of pikuach nefesh reminds us always that life is a precious gift and virtually all else should be secondary to the importance of protecting people's health and safety.

As the complex realities of the Coronavirus pandemic continue to unfold, Temple SInai will be doing all business virtually.  

Even though our onsite programs and events are paused, we are always here for you. We continue to provide a virtual connection with everyone. In addition to live-streaming our Shabbat services, we've created other opportunities to connect, grow, and celebrate using Zoom or Facebook Live. Information about our vitual opportunities can be found on our Events page. 

Additionally, our office will remain open during business hours and your clergy is always here for you.

Above all, we all join in a continuing Mi Shebeyrach vigil... offering our prayers and seeking God's loving and healing power on behalf of all throughout the world who are ill, and invoking our compassion and support for everyone facing untold trials and difficulties in the face of this daunting reality. We ask God's blessings of guidance and wisdom on all those seeking a cure, all who are offering care to the afflicted, and upon the world's leaders who are entrusted with developing constructive policy and prudent strategies to confront this crisis.

I end now with a liturgical gem that has been shared with me by the CCAR, the Central Conference of American Rabbis, and it is a special blessing for washing hands during a pandemic.

As we wash our hands 
We pray,
Blessed is the Soul of the Universe,
Breathing us in and breathing us out.
May our breaths continue
And our health and the health of all
Be preserved
In this time of sickness and fear of sickness.
Holy Wholeness,
We take as much responsibility for it as we can
By observing the obligation to wash our hands,
Using lots of soap and hot water,
Thoroughly: For as long as it takes to say this prayer.

With love for all,

Rabbi Samantha Kahn



Tue, October 20 2020 2 Cheshvan 5781