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Annual appeal



Rabbi Kahn reminds us that wherever we go, it is eternally Egypt. There is a better place, a promised land; but to reach that promise requires us to pass through the wilderness. And there is no way to get from here to there other than by joining hands, marching together.

Welcome to Pandemic 2020. As we pass through the month of Elul, and from there to our Holy Days, we must join hands virtually, masked and with appropriate regard for social distancing. This is our wilderness, and through it we will march forward, to reach the promise of a better year.

To ensure our beloved Temple Sinai gets to that promised land with the resources to thrive, with the enthusiastic support of our President Ellyn Bender, Vice President of Development Laura Einstein, our Board of Trustees, and the multitalented Risa Segal, we’ve accepted the challenge of chairing this year’s Annual Appeal.

Standing on the shoulders of Gary Kravitz and his crew from last year’s Kadima B’Yachad campaign, we’ve put together a talented, hardworking team of members who love our synagogue and are dedicated to securing the necessary donations to reach that better year.

It’s not hard to imagine what our better year will look like. Wonderful services led by Rabbi Kahn and Chazzan Abramson experienced live in our beautiful sanctuary. Joyous events from the Women of Sinai and the Sinai Men’s Club. The musical laughter and participation of our Religious School and Gan students. Our Gala. Our Food Fest. Our Welcome Receptions. Adult Education second to none. And above all, a better year means sharing simchas and sadness with our fellow members. When my aged mother passed away late last year, well over 100 of you joined us for shiva, establishing you forever as our Jewish family and Temple Sinai as our spiritual home.

We know our members have the resources to build this bridge to a better year. Right now, though, that money’s still in your pocket. Because most of us had plans to travel, attend theater and concerts, and of course socialize at restaurants, we are collectively blessed with additional discretionary income. Maybe, like us, you’re doing some remodeling and spending more on your daily happy hours. Still, there likely remains a surplus.

We know we can’t expect you to send all your disposable income to us, especially with many other charities tugging at your heart. So what can you do to ensure Temple Sinai reaches a better year? Open your hearts and wallets and give generously to help us build that bridge through the wilderness. If you donated last year, please consider increasing your gift by 10%. If you didn’t participate last year, please consider a gift of $18. And please make your gift soon to save yourself from a nudging reminder call. We wish you a happy, healthy New Year, and we thank you in advance for your kind and generous support.

Laurie & Mark Criden
Annual Appeal Chairs


If you need further information, or have any questions regarding the information on this page, please contact the temple office at 941-924-1802.

Thu, April 22 2021 10 Iyar 5781